Game Time LAN started in November 2014, as an initiative started at an NDIS provider. It went strongly for 4.5 years. We have had many attendants, and we have regulars that have stuck with us for most of it.

Game Time LAN is a LAN party - which is a computer gaming event where there are computers in a room networked together (Local Area Network/LAN) so people can play games together over the network. Which is an enjoyable social activity.

The LAN parties are a good opportunity for people with disabilities, who like games, to play games together with others in a safe social space. Gamers can meet new friends with similar interests and have a fun social event away from home, with other people. Rather than just playing at home, online games. This in-person event increases the ability to make friends, and can be a lot more enjoyable than by yourself at home.

We play a variety of games, as seen in the Games section of this site. We have a few regular favourites, but we're always looking for new games to play too. We try to play games that most people want to play, and most people can play.

The LANs run from 11AM-3PM (sometimes later), with a lunch break, so nearly 4 hours of gaming and socialising. Some don't stay for the whole time, which is fine.

The location is at Hobart Hackerspace, 2 St Johns Ave, New Town TAS 7008.


Our aim at Game Time LAN is to provide an opportunity for NDIS participants to socialise whilst enjoying games. As well as opportunities to improve social skills, make friends and provide an activity that gets them away from the isolation of home.

New Provider - Wise Life Services

Our previous provider did not wish to sustain the LAN parties, and ended up cancelling the LANs in October 2019.

So then Leo - the past tech support employee, began trying to resurrect the LAN parties, and find a way to run them again, for NDIS participants. He tried several providers, but then Covid19 hit, which made things even more difficult. Despite Covid19 getting well under control in Tas, he still struggled to find a provider to take on the LANs, even after trying to contact all he could find. Many had enthusiasm for the event, but for several reasons couldn't commit to running the events again.

So he decided to run the LANs privately, for those who came to the events in the past. Which ran from October 2020 - July 2021.

Then, he had some success with Wise Life services. Due to one employee/support worker being able to commit to offering their services on a Saturday, they were able to commit to running the LANS for NDIS participants again! Wise Life are now organising the LANs and registration, but Leo is still helping out in many ways, such as acquiring computer gear, offering the venue, promotion, finding some new clients, and other areas.


We aim to advertise and promote the LAN more than before, to get the word out so more people can come


We aim to provide a very affordable fee, and only charge for how long a participant attends, which is a requirement of NDIS activities now.

Lunch and bonuses

Unfortunately, due to initial costs, we cannot offer free lunches. We are able to offer free snacks and drinks however. We ask for participants to provide a contribution towards lunches.


We now have a Discord server, this web page, Minecraft server, mailing list and Facebook page. We offer the opportunity to develop the community beyond just the LAN party events. For example, some of the participants play games on Sunday nights online, with voice chat on our Discord server.